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Dinner at KLCC.

Haven't really written much in the past one week.

I not only have my CMS exam at 2pm on the 4th, I also have a Play essay due the same day!! Thankfully, my marks are accumulative, so my marks in my Play1 essay will contribute towards my Play2 essay I scored 40/50 for Play1, so it's just a matter of making sure I at least pass my Play2 essay. I don't want to score low for it, but neither am I aiming for low marks, but now I'm just wondering how I'll be able to allocate enough time to study for both the exam and complete the entire essay by Friday. I've to take a day off on Friday for the exam. There's really nothing much I can do about that anyway. My mom has to play the chauffeur on Friday for the kids..well, nothing I can do about it either. She HAS to do it anyway.

Joe's coming over to help me with my studying, and I shall be thankful for his assistance. Ok, Thanks Joe in advance, ya?!

Yesterday, one of my former students, Alyssa Chin called me on the phone from her aunt's place.
She said she misses me...
She went on about having exams and asked if I want to speak to her 4 year old younger brother, Nicholas, who yes, is in my current class now. SO CUTEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

I wanted to go to Istana for my grooming class last night, but by the time I got out of Summit, it was already 4.30, not to mention the fact that It Was RAINING and there was a Traffic Jam in front of Summit. *SIGH*. So I just went home to take a rest. I was quite tired and Stressed Out by then. Yeah, I get real stressed out easily..sigh.

Hmm...anyway, just went with AiLing down to KLCC last night. Wanted to get some new year clothes shopping done. We had dinner with Peng Guan. Ya, AiLing met Peng Guan for about the first time in her life. Laynie's already met him before, so I don't think she cares that much. Laynie's met most of my friends ANYWAY, so now it's probably AiLing's turn.

Peng Guan was...ummm..very very tired. He Sounded tired. He Looked tired. I don't know when he doesn't Ever seem tired. But I can sympathise on his behalf lor. But he was still AS Sharp as ever (according to AiLing's perspective).
Peng Guan can be like Annie when he's Energetic.. he he.
Ha Ha, isn't that true, Annie? ;-) I think you know that yourself too. ;-)

By the time we had dinner and started shopping, I was so dead tired, I wasn't even really concentrating on the clothes. Not to mention the fact that Isetan closes real early, but the clothes in Parkson wasn't really nice looking anyway...SIGH. NEVERMIND. I still got time next week AFTER my exam ENDS!

Oh....Ya, the funniest thing happened yesterday during CMS class.

We were all in class yesterday and Mr.Chang was discussing how new vocabulary came about being made and one of the Popular & OverUsed New Words For the Year of 2004 was the word "blog". He was explaining to the class when I exclaimed to Mr. Chang....

Me: Mr. Chang!!!! I have a blog!!! It's like an online diary....whre you write everday.
Mr. Chang: So does anyone read your blog?
Me: Oh, yes Sir! Mr. Chang, I write about you in my blog!! You are one of my favourite topics in my blog, Sir!!!
Mr. Chang: Well, luckily no one in this class reads my blog.

Me: Actually sir, there are people in this class who does read my blog,

(and then I beckoned to someone on the other side of the room with my hand..) There were two people in my said direction...where one was looking blankly in his direction, where the other was just intently looking down and so called reading something....

Mr Chang: From the non-verbal cues that this person shows, who is so avoiding my gaze and looking away intently, I think I know who the person is.....

And the class started laughing again....*lolz*.


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