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A successful Preschool program.

A successful preschool program, from my perspective, is that it not only is able to meet the parents' expectations, but meet the children's needs as well.

In a highly academic focused society like Malaysia, parents have requested that their kids ask for more written work, or evidence that work is done in school. Actually, the fact is, from my readings, I have realised that this situation is not only restricted to Malaysia, but to almost the rest of the world, and in this particular instance, Australia, since I'm doing my studies under USQ. (hence, relevance to Australian society.).

Parents are requesting for homework. Homework u ask?
Some parents seem to enjoy watching their children doing homework!!! Oh my gawd!!!
At the age of 4? You must be MAD! I'd say.

But seriously, it is happening. And in my own kindy as well. Horrors of all Horrors!

I know that some kindys try to sell to parents that their children will learn much from staying longer hours. But from what I have heard and seen, sometimes parent's expectations may not translate well into success, if children's needs are not taken into account.
If the longer hours programme in the afternoon is something where all children do is more writing and writing and homework! (and if u even consider that learning at all, I really...really must PRAY HARDER for you. I hope you don't have children and put them through such torture. I really DO!) I can tell you the programme will not be successful in the long run. A handful of kids may come, but that IS ALL to it.

The thing is, if you impose such a syllabus on kids, children in their own way, are NOT STUPID. They will rebel. Its like forcing someone to do something that they do not enjoy. It is true that children may not have the ability to object as well as an adult when they highly dislike something. But they will find ways of avoiding it, sometimes so subtly, that one as a teacher may not realise it.

However, if the child knows that the afternoon programme would have many exciting lessons or experiences that they could not find during the morning session, I can bet you that they'd quickly finish their lunch, homework (from the morning session) just anticipating what the next new activity could be!

To illustrate my point, I have had the instance whereby I had the priviledge of teaching this kid, Chen Siu tutorial classes. She was only 6 then. Her mom had no time to teach her, so she asked me for remedial help. It was mostly to help her learn her spelling. Because she was not so good in memorizing, I had used many ways to help her learn her spelling, like giving her treats, playing games with letters, as long as this girl wouldn't feel bored. Seriously, I don't like my teaching sessions to be boring and dull. As they say, when learning is fun, you as a student would look forward to the next lesson. Anyway, one day, I decided to use my scrabble set to teach her how to spell. It took foreeeeeeeeever for to get the correct letters.

Howver, the strangest thing was, in lieu of this, some time after that, I heard another kid telling me that ChenSiu had told her that she had the best time learning spelling with me. I was pretty surprised because I didn't expected it!!! In fact, she asked if I could TEACH HER tuition....I was so speechless I had nothing to say (coz I had no intention of actually teaching others that time!)

Anyway, the truth or the objective I'm trying to make here is, in a business, its the client themselves (here, the kids that is), that you have to please as well. If the kids have an enjoyable time, day after day, they will tell other kids. This in return, will make the other kids long to join in the fun as well, coz they want to join in the bandwagon and not be left out of it. As a result of their longing, they may tell the parents that they want to stay longer in school , which ultimately translates to more income for the school.

I must say that advertising works well, especially mouth to mouth from one kid to another!
In this instance, I'm sure that the parents themselves would be pleased coz their kids seem to enjoy going to school so much and want to stay on even longer!

Don't You Agree?


Anonymous said...

This is something parents should be aware of. May I process this piece of writing into an article for a future mag'issue?

U Joe

cheayee said...

This is an interesting article that touches on the business as well as the psychology aspect of opening a business like a kindergarten.

Something that principals may want to look into.
IT'd need finetuning to be included in the mag.

Anyway, if you've thoughts of leaving, how is that possible? :-)

Other than the fact that a trio of you will be leaving as well.....


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