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Streamyx up again!! and Assignments!

Alright baby!!!

Went to FF Axis for work out. Came home for dinner with Asta. The food was okay least can save money mah!!! ;-)

Just came from a meet up with Kong at Nathan's.
We discussed some *serious* stuff. we also do. (Asia Works mah!).

Anyway, I'm up to my neck with assignments. Just a review so u all know whats up on my schedule...

Main items:
1) 2 lesson plans (with implementation, evaluation and personal learning), and 1 Summary of Day daily (for each day I clock in).

2) Observation and lesson plan programming for my Play Unit assignment (due on 4th of February- thankfully an extension has been provided in lieu of the normalisation period for the children).

3) CMS1000 exam on the 4th of February!!!! u say *die* or not?? 3 hours exam at SIC.

Secondary items:
4) Practising organ.

5) Going to the gym.


Anonymous said...

Practising the organ... Hmm. The organic or inorganic one?

U Joe

cheayee said...



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