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*Yup* there was a prayer rally last night...

But instead of concentrating on the prayer, I was making faces with another friend.

Muak muak muak. :-P

*bad girl* *bad bad girl!*

*Scolds self!*

Ai Ling called me not long after....apparently Laynie and family (except for AiLing) were at Jason's church for a countdown service. ah, where to find any countdown events lar? The govt has already cancelled them mah....except for religious events that is.

What are my resolutions this year?

It is *enlightening* talking to Karen, however,.... there are some things.....which I think she probably would never be good at. But then again, I've never seen her in action!

So this usual resolutions would be:

1) Do well in my USQ assignments.

2) Do well in my MCI internship.

3) Do well in both so I can make it in time to go on campus USQ in June!

4) Be a complete flirtatious babe this year!! (like I'm not already, lar??) ;-)

And my first assignment for my Babe Makeover Starts OFFICIALLY Tonight.

See you kids!

Places right hand fingers to lips and gives a flying air kiss,


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