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Prime College Computer Lab 1

The past few days have been....umm...okay. Logged online at Mabel's place last night. Ya. I have trouble with artwork design and painting, so I had to ask her for help lor. Mabel just took one look ar my work and said, man, this is so easy lar..nevermind! I do all.

and then shook her head at my ..umm.....dis-toned drawing in black 8B pencil of an apple...

Uh..right, what is Harmonious Colours already?

I am colour blind lar.

Ya...and my uncle Tony and aunt came over to our table and asked,
Hei, your mummy cannot draw one??
Aiya, your brother cannot draw one. I see him before...sai lei man!!

I said to Uncle Tony, uncle, I may not be able to draw, but I at least I can write essays mah..

To which Mabel said, eh, next time I got essay to write...I ask you ah?

I started laughing. Ha ha ha...

I Think she needs more than just grammar and vocab restructuring.....*lolz*.

Anyway, my ex told me that his ex colleague was looking for a place to shoot for a short tv-movie or something of that sort, and he suggested me.....
I took pictures, but since I don't have internet access at home, I could only give the Url of online gallery pictures of my school kids last year. Hope that is good enough for him however.


A friend of mine just made the most interesting *suggestion* to me. Hmmm....I still haven't made up my mind whether to take it up or not.
*lolz* The thing is, it's not the first time someone suggested it to me. But this time, I am thinking more seriously about it. Ha ha. I dunno if the decision would affect me in anyway.

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