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Penalty for handing in assignments late.

Today, I thought I was going to be late in handing in assignments.

I really thought so. I was bloody panicking that Gloria would not log in my assignment.

This time, I *forgot* my acknowledgement letter. The second time around! SY hit her hand against her head when I told her that..

I reached college about 5.30pm. By the time I handed in my assignment, it was already 6pm. (sitting at Gloria's table just stapling the papers and making sure the details on the folder is completed. etc. etc.).
Anyway, about almost 7pm, when it was time for class, I saw Lisbeth (the one who loaned me her CMS textbook for photocopying and runs a kindergarten in United Garden as well) came out and asked me for her textbook back. Before I could actually complete my reply, she then angrily demanded that, if I were not to return her book by tomorrow, I'd have to *pay* her back for the book, whatever it is THAT she had paid.
Well, that really is not the problem.

The problem was, later when she went into class, she spoke to some other classmates, and then, all of a sudden she LOUDLY told me off in front of everyone that IF I were not to return her book BY tomorrow, she'll SCOLD me again.

I also overheard that the administrator, Gloria wanted to log in her assignment, but one of the other seniors (i'm not sure of the details), said NO, because she was late by 2 hours!

Well, Well Well. So as a result, she HAS to send in the assignment herself PERSONALLY to USQ.

Lisbeth's rationale was that why can't the college just log in her assignment and put in a late check in time for her assignment??

Well, the college can't do that for one student, coz if they do, they'll have to start doing it for every other student who does that as well. Besides, it's good to teach Lisbeth a lesson.

Well, frm my perspective, Lisbeth has the RESPONSIBILITY to hand in her assignment in time, as stipulated during the Orientation. She just assumed that she could waltz into the college at 7pm, and that the college would log her assignment in there and then, just bcoz the administor was in. Not to mention the fact that, Lisbeth is already in her 3rd year intake of the course, meaning taht she is alraedy in her 4th semester with the college now. She SHOULD know better.
This differs from another student, who had prior asked for an extension for her assignment, but still had not received an answer yet, whereas Lisbeth DID NOT ask for an extension.

Well, I was pretty cheesed off by her attitude. You can't just vent on someone else JUST BECAUSE you are angry. However, I didn't want to pick an argument with her, as I already knew that she was quite worried about her assignment.
As a result, she didn't come in for the Arts class tonight, and would have to work on alone with a lot of the assignments that could have been done in class today.

Well, serves Lisbeth right for being such an insolent pain in the ass. (the thing is, she reminds me of my mom when MY mom is in a pissed off mood!). So I will not comment any further.

As for the cut off time to hand in assignments, I will check with Gloria later to ask for her feedback about what happened yesterday. I dont want to Repeat the same brainless mistakes others happen to do.


I've been reading XiaXue's guestbook comments on the past two current entries in regard to FuXor.

One thing strikes me is that, there are many comments written there in a very highly subjective manner.

As my communication studies goes, one thing that strikes me, and will be reinforced as I go through it is that, if a person is able to write well convincing arguments objectively, and with factual proof to back it up, without sound biased or prejudiced against others, discerning readers/ people who read it or hear it, would agree with it more readily.
Some of the readers spouted out a lot of bullShit which I shall say, got told off by other readers coz they didn't know how to present themselves properly in other people's blogs.Well, SERVES them Right!

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