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A new dalliance.

This particular entry is the result of a concentrated and group effort of the individuals, in lieu of a particular friend of ours who had undertaken the rendevous with us to Espanda recently.

With much respect and consideration, it was not with prejudice, but care and consideration that we would like to highlight this, which upon reading, I'm sure that the said reader who be able to recognise himself/herself.

The group was priviledged to have met and welcome a certain newcomer, a Miss.Cheng, into its circles.

After much observation and evaluation, the group has concurred to give a unanimous vote of thumbs up to the said new dalliance. ;-)

The new dalliance is said to be much compatible, and the individuals in the group are pleased with it.

However, the individuals in the Group, in reception of the said latter party's no-less-vocal-but-no-less-subtle "territorial-ness", has deemed it fit to add a caveat, in which, if circumstances are left unchecked, may lead to the probability of it snowballing to becoming a wannabe, understated but to a lesser degree of the said Jace&Laynie affair. If forgotten, please re-read details of the affair in the previous blog.

Inductive reasoning, states that a small case sample may render the premise of an argument to be sound, or unsound, in which case, a conclusion here has yet to be reached.

The individuals in the Group wishes to give the current dalliance its blessings & encouragement for success in the weeks to come ;-)

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