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Proton Saga: Problematic car.

Ok, I know my previous entry must have sounded really.....*serious*?

It probably sounded real *depressing*, huh?

Hmm...I get like that when I write my entries in at midnight. My entries tend to be more serious.
The first thing that came to my mind this morning was for me to delete it, but not that I look at it again, I think I'll just let it remain on my blog.

It is my own blog after all.


Ok, I'll give you the symptoms. See if you can diagnose the problem.
First it's an old car. More than 10 years and?? its car plate number is WCQ.
Secondly it is an auto car.
Third, I think it has problems with fuel burning or something, coz it doesn't seem to have any "power" when I accelerate??

Anyway, my teacher says that I should go and get it serviced to see what's the problem first.

I get real worried when I drive it coz the car could just break down any moment.!!!!!!!!
Anyway, last night, I wrote an email to two of my course administrators, Shobana and Gloria. When I checked my email account today, I had not got an email. So I called the college. No One Answered!

Then only it struck me!!!
How silly was I to even forget that!! *lolz*

Alamak..that means Fitness First is only open till 5pm today!!!



School was....pretty quiet today. Nothing of interest. Tom and Velex are happily ensconsced in the beginners' 5 years class. I think Tom is feeling much better there with the "older" kids.

Jin Dong, Velex and Tom instinctively comes and give me a hug when they see me. They did that when I went to their class this morning. I get a really warm and fuzzy feeling when they do that.
When I send NicholasNg back, he also does the same. We'll alight from the elevator and I'll walk him out of the elevator where I'll watch him walk back to his babysitter's apartment. But before that, he'll just come and instinctively give me a hug before going off. He does that too when he sees me in the morning.
Now, isn't that just *sweet*?


Of course, not all children will do the same lar. Some of them enjoy giving hugs. Some are not used to it. It really depends on their temperament. It takes the child a while to get used to it. Lets not talk about adults who are TOTALLY Not Even Used to It. Lolz. Some people are quite shy about the hugging thing. *lolz*

However, the most important thing is, if a child wants to receive or even give a hug, I think that the adult should not refuse. More so if it's the child's teacher.
I remember, when I was in MKIS, I was in the principal's office. I can't remember the occasion. He was waiting for me to give him a HUG but I Didn't!! I was too darn SHY then!!!! *LOLz*

NOT anymore !! *lolz*

Jasper is so CUTTTTTEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! He's only 2 1/2 years old. But he is so adorably cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Jasper has lots to say and he makes the cutest noise and says the cutest things when he's in my car. His ears stick out and he's like this tiny tot..SO CUTE. CUTE. CUTE. CUTE. Very very *cheeky*!
Today when he did the same thing, I made the same noises just to annoy him....wah wah wah.
It was so funny. He just furiously wiggled his head ,shaking his face and covered his mouth with his hands. Lolz.

You know, when my trainer found out that I was a teacher, he started to pretend and talk to me like a kid........and when he couldn't take it anymore, he started laughing and asked how I could stand all those kids asking a *million* questions at once!! *lolz*!!!! He he he.
Each time he walked passed me in the gym, he'll call out Teacher, and turn away! Ha ha ha.

Today, I was walking around in the hall, when suddenly Joyce opened the door and asked,
Teacher, why you don't come in???
Teacher got something to do in the hall lar... then I waved to her.

I thought it was very cute. Coz they don't normally ask me that......Awwwwwwwwww

I was in the 4yrs class this morning when the children started coming in one by one. Then NicholasChin came in He gave me this really lopsided look that he would give me everyday when he comes to class.

Yesterday, I was sitting at the table in the hall when his mother brought him in. He just sat on the chair beside me and was wiping tears off his eyes with his hanky. Then I told the mom to leave as he could sit beside me.
He ws just sitting there nicely, then I asked him in Cantonese, why are you crying, Nicky?
My grandma scolded me just now...
(and there I was thinking, hmmm...u cried the other day coz u had a stomachache...let's see what u come up with this time....hmmmm)

would u like to go in or not?.

No, I want to sit with you.

I was writing some reports into my book. I couldn't stand it, so I finally quickly finished writing it and held his hand , ok, you come in with me yah?
So we did. Then u know what? He took the chair and put one bside him.
Giving me this sad puppy face look, he said,

Teacher, u sit beside me okay?

Ok, ok, for a short while, only ya.


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