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A long week indeed.

A good evening to all..
College was pretty tiring today. I got results for my Play 1 essay. 40/50!!!
The thing about the essay is that I did it like one day before handing it in. So I should not complain!
Now I'm worried about my CMS Essay 3 however!!! *Help!!!!*

Cool leh? was oklar. SY got a 48/50. Hmm...I wonder if anyone can ever out beat that girl!!
Pat only just passed, so I should not be too hard on myself and stop complaining! *lolz*.
And there I was thinking that I was lucky even if I even merely scraped through!!!! *lolz*

My CMS Oral Presentation has to be resubmitted, as the lecturer could not hear the speech on the cd I burnt. I have to reburn the cd again!! Okay, I"m not a techie person in the first place....

Ok, I kinda just woke up, so I am a bit groggy as I write this.. *lolz*
Already had my dinner, but everything is still in a daze now. even after had my dinner.
Got to take my shower soon....

Hmm..this past entire one week has been an experience that I thought I'd never had.
There's been things that has happened to me that I now could probably only state as surreal. one's physical needs can really affect the emotional one as well.
Well, that aspect was handled in the most unorthodox manner.
I did things that I surprised myself at!!

Went to the Mega Clinic in Sri Petaling yesterday. Debated with Dr.Devi on the terminology of the vocab "worser". I said that no such word existed besides much more worse than before, or even worst, but worser? I don't think so!
He said he'll go back and check on the terminology, and will give me the answer if I ever go back there the next time! *lolz*

Hai...things we do for fun lar....

Bumped into a friend, Edwin. He walked out rather briskly, from one of the restaurants facing the clinic, and came out to greet me. When I told one of my Brownie troops that I had bumped into him, she was surprised coz she did not at all once bump into him within the past 6 months, whereas I had.
And they all live near each other!

CMS class was fine today. Isaac was absent today...(I wonder where he is...).
Anyway, Isaac is a sports trainer (he trains individuals).
He's got quite a good body (obviously! U can't have a fat guy for a trainer!),
and being Isaac, (if u didn't know the meaning of his name), it actually means laughter!
He is quite a cheeky guy...and I think the class was just as quiet without him today...Awwwww

Mr. Chang (the lecturer), was in just a cheeky mood today. As I entered the class, he said,
"So, our dear girl, I can see you have lost weight",
To which I answered with a drawl, 'yeah right.." and give him a sarcastic look,
...which was his point in illustrating to my use of non-verbal language of tone and look. *lolz*.'
Class with Mr. Chang is always fu. He makes all the students laugh!

Hmm...would I be considered persistent? I never do give up, do I? I guess, until I know the answer, I would still want to know the answer. As long as I am not flogging a dead horse, I should say that everything I do should amount to something. I have Karen to thank for that.
Persistency is a trait of good value. It takes a person with guts to persist in their work, no matter what the cost.


Anonymous said...

Need an essay consultant? You know who to call. He'll be rather free for the time being...

Physical needs and how they affect emotional needs? Could take a few cues from Annie siew jeah... he he he...

Keep up da good work.

U Joe

cheayee said...

Thanks U_Joe.


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