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Lingerie sale & Ad hominem.

Muaha ha ha..Talk about lingerie sale.
My maid just told me that there's a lingerie sale (cannot disclose *secret location*)

Muah ha ha....
Hmmmm.......on the prowl for *G-strings* my favourite lower *undergarment* as the term I call it to Mr. Chang.

Mr. Chang, women wear panties, and men wear underwear.

Men don't wear panties.

But you are welcome to tell people that you wear panties anytime. :-)


Anyway, Chin Mun came over to my house at exactly half past three to help me with the CD burning thingy.
My parents were quite pleasantly pleased to see him and asked him a lot about UQ.

I haven't seen Chin Mun.....uh...for almost a year now? He's currently doing his PhD at UQ. Hei, that means I get to see him when I go down north to OZ, eh?

We fiddled a bit with the computer outside and I went into my bro's room to check whether his own computer had any audio problems. You know, networking sure is a pretty good concept. It really saves a lot of time.

Shit! I've been accused of NOT dropping My Image. Well, hello Mr.Smarty Pants Friend, I checked up on What you Said, and it DID NOT co-relate. Hah. You bloody Umm....Mr. STILL KEEPING your image, TElling me to DROP my Image. Well. Well. Well.

JUST wait till I Expose you Later then you know. I'm going to TEASE you so BaD!!!!!

What FUN that would be.. see what you have to say later. Ha ha ha. *sticks tongue out*

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