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It's a Shagedelic Sunday, baby!!!

I swear my mum was trying to be funny earlier. She said, i came home. logged online. then slept. then woke up. had dinner. then went out. then came home again and logged on. and then slept again. Hmmm..

I don't find that funny at all???!!!!!!

Anyway, what happened TODAY was I came home from church. Then blogged some.
Then took a nap...great...actually I'm not sure if I had nap now that I think of it...I can't even remember what I was doing earlier....*hmmm*...

I know I blogged and typed in some reports for my Summary of the Day. Then I showered.
After which, I went to a friend's place. After that, I went to Mabel's place to finish up my artwork. My aunt left so much food for me, that I took forever to eat. Mabel had to eat up some of the food instead.
I think we were more busy gossipping than eating. ha ha ha ha ha......

Guys can be SO IMPOSSIBLE sometimes!!! *lolz*. They ask the most impossible questions, that I have to give the most impossible answers sometimes *hits forehead with hand.* Tsk tsk tsk!

We only started work about 9pm and I left the place about 11.30pm and then went home.

Can you believe it that she gave me lingerie??!!!
In hope that I could attract some innocent by stander into my arms..Right right right.
Like that's gonna happen any time soon lar, eh? *rolls eyes*.

I can't exactly go to her place tomorrow as she's going for aikido classes tomorrow evening....How come my taekwondo classes had no cute Japanese ah?? Oh was Korean based. Damn sad.
Hopefully she can finish up the painting without me as well.
Now what remains is that I need to know what to make for a portfolio bag!!!

*DIE lar!!*

Ok, this comes to remind me about Mr.Chang.

He was trying to describe "the propogation process between the female and male gender", to which I just screeched out ,"Mr. Chang it is called SEX. Why do u use such long sentences of a gazillion syllables when u can only use one word with one syllable??!!", to which the entire class started laughing yesterday.

Later again, he was trying to link up my name to another student, using some communication icons or something and drew my name, albeit changed to some other spelling in hearts and another student in class, in which I eyed him rather wryly. Right Right Right. The entire class started laughing again as well....

Mr. Chang...Mr.Chang...wait until Isaac comes back again and draws your face without your mop of hair, then you know!!!

But then again, he always says that I'm like the fresh of breath air that comes in to the class each time. *lolz*
And spontaneous as well!!!

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