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HoNeYmOoN & ReBoUnD PeRiOds.

As I have shared with an acquaintance recently,

the longer amount of time I have been with a guy, the shorter the amount of time will the rebound period be.

However, the shorter the amount of time I have been with the guy, the longer the amount of time will the rebound period be.

This is probably, if I have known the guy long enough, we would already have passed the "honeymoon" period. and seen both sides of his personality.
Whereas, in the honey moon period, I'd probably still see him a guy with less flaws. I have experienced this first hand. So basically, that's probably why it took me only 2 months to get over my ex. *lolz*

Oh well. 2 months is already enough time wasted for a rebound period. Mourning for a relationship that will never be rekindled, so WHY WASTE MY TIME???? I hate being in that state of mind.

I remembered the first time I was in the LKS rebound, I had AlexC as an emotional anchor. I told him that it was not the right time for me to be alone by myself because I'd be thinking really depressing thoughts. He was really cool, as I ended up hanging out with his gang of friends and going to the Batu Tiga Racing circuit to watch racing cars in the middle of the night, Barbeques, and other parties as well.
He still remains one of my nicest friends ever, and I really respect him.

I also had another short rebound period last year for someone else, whose name I shall not mention here. Well, thank gawd that is over. It was emotionally draining at times, and I wondered what I had done wrong. I still dunno what happened, but I can sincerely thank the Lord that I am no longer in that state.

Anyway, I am getting older now. I really am not in the mood for "flings", if that is how they say it?
If I am not serious about the guy, I'd probably not want to start the relationship at all.
That's what I told my ex when he asked me not too long ago whether I was seeing anyone or not.
He just went, "oh". and didn't ask any other questions about it after that.

It's very easy for one to jump into a relationship when one is feeling rather vulnerable and lonely. There are many times in the past one year, where I have wondered have I made the right decision to stay single? All I can say is that I have not regretted my decision at all. I am not going to jump into a relationshp just because there is someone, and I'm feeling lonely, so I can just simply take anyone to take my loneliness away. What crap.

I guess, the next relationshp I am going to have with a person, would have to be someone I truly liked and desired. I have no intention of breaking up with him just because I have plans to go overseas.

If the other person looks at it in such a way, I really have nothing to say to that.
Just as my ex said. He said, his feelings just died. I mean what kind of a stupid excuse is that?
Did you even TRY at all?
You just stopped trying and didn't even bother to address your feelings to me till I had to pry them out from you. Do u think I'm stupid??

No less, if I were to have a long distance relationship, it would take considerable commitment and trust from both parties. Since I have NOT been in one as such, it really is difficult for me to predict the outcome.

But anyway, if I really liked the person, and I only had like less than 6 months before I went, I really don't think that there is anything to lose. I never know what I may find out.


Anonymous said...

Well this comment may be kinda late but like the title of your blog-page, I reckon you should surrender all unto Christ.....check out Proverbs 3:5-6. Easier said than done though....

cheayee said...

Yes... I know. That was my intention of naming my blog such.

However, in all things...everythng is easier said than done.


Anonymous said...

Take heart for the "done" becomes "easier" when you take captive into your heart the Word of God....Meditating on it makes you stronger in Christ. I guess maybe you know the direction of your path but have trouble staying on it, but take heart for He is with you always...especially when you are at your lowest.

cheayee said...

yes He is in my heart. But as they say, we are like the prodigal sheep, and it is not easy to follow what is necessary at times..

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