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Gawd DAMN it.

Hmm..Why dont I ever learn and say that leopards dont ever change their spots?
Hmm.. I was out with this guy, Kevin for dinner.
Well, it was hardly called dinner. More like supper!

He was late by 1.5 hours. He should have known that coming from town would be a congested affair.
Who asked him to be so STUPID????? Even I know that. I'm just pretending not to know and let him learn from his mistakes.

Anyway, he is one annoying bloody farked up guy. *SHIT!* a

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I may be HoRnY but that doesn't mean others can behave that way to ME!!!

I hate guys who try to go past the limits of acceptable social behaviour. A guy CANNOT simply try to touch a girl if the girl didn't allow him TO!!!!!!!!! WHAT AN IDIOT!!!!

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HE can FUCK himself in HIS dreams before I ever go out with Him again!!!!!!

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And calling yourself a gentleman? A gentleman will not talk dirty stuff to a girl.
He would also offer to carry her books and also open the door for her.

*Rolls EYES*

Mather Farker.


Anonymous said...

*shakes head...

U Joe

jordangoh said...

Oh Man. I'm sorry to hear what happened. Sounds really bad!

You just relax and take good care ye. There will always be a bunch of weirdos out there.


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