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First day of school- 2005

The first day of school is always chaotic. But from what I can see today is, that, I think its the parents who make things chaotic, and not so much lies with the child.

Malaysian parents, in particular, as they are the only breed I have known all this while, only started coming in to enrol their kids this morning. Getting their uniforms, filling in registration forms, going into classrooms.

This all should have been done, not on the first day, but at least one or two weeks before school. How do you expect kids to get acquainted with the classroom if every thing is to be done last minute? And asking for books on the first place?? I think these parents must really be mad,if they weren't already!!!!!

However, fortunately, this morning, there weren't any kids vomitting as yet. School breaks off at 11am for the first two days. It's hard to do any observation even if I wanted to.

There'll be two classes for the 6 yr olds this year, as apposed to one formerly. I'll be handling the 3 & 4 yr old class with Lillian.

In weeks to come, I'll be really busy, running around like a headless chicken up and down. I also have to teach one of the 6 yr old classes English! It's been a year now that I've even stepped into the 6 yr old class to touch the book. I'm sure if I'll relish the thought or not?!!!

My former kids all came in, looking lost, and walking back to my class... It's been a year since I have handled a 3&4 yr old class. Emily was crying when she first came in, and refused to go up. Hmm..I wonder how she'll take it in the 5 yr old class. Wei Heng's mom had to stay with him the entire morning! Ha ha....
Now, Velex and Tom are like the tai kohs in the 4 yr old class, being familiar with the routine and all.

Awwwww.....I'm gonna miss all of them! But at least I still have Velex & Tom with me now!! He he.

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