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Engagement dinners, weddings and USQ.

Well, apparently Lisbeth wanted to hand in her assignment personally, and it was not that Gloria didn't want to accept her assignment. YES. I checked out the information with Gloria yesterday whilst at college.
The only DIFFERENCE is that, Lisbeth's assignment would be stamped the next day, meaning to say that, her assignment is already Considered LATE, meaning that she would get a DEDUCTION from her marks.

TOO BAD. If you don't show concern for your assignments, NO ONE will.

Secondly, you CAN'T call the staff who work in the college, IDIOTS! If you can't grow up and take responsibility at your age (she looks 40 over to me), you will never ever grow up to take responsibility for your own actions. You can't look beyond the speck in your eye. And seriously, I PITY you as a human.

Yesterday night, I went for my cousin, Florence's engagement dinner. I had a really great time getting together with Debbie and George as well. Heh.
Ok, seriously, I was already zonked out after being out the entire day at college. 9am to 4pm, and then almost half dead by the time I was done with my grooming classes at 6pm. The dinner was at 7pm. I could barely stay awake the entire night. The evening just passed away in a blur.

I went out with George to get a Cafe Latte at the cafe below the restaurant. Anyway, on my way up, I saw the bridegroom who was having a wedding dinner together at the same time in the same restaurant where my cousin had her engagement dinner.

He loooooked real familiar, and I saw a cut on his eyebrow. He saw me. I saw him. I turned away and walked past. I turned back and walked to him..

Are you from Sri Inai?

Uh....yes I am.

Are you Kok Weng?

Oh YES!! You are??


You are??Serious? I didn't recognise you!


Are you the one getting married tonight?


Oh, congrats then! (Shakes his hand).

Are you here with the others? Tatt Ghee and Siew Yang are here....

Oh, I haven't seen them yet. My cousin's having her engagement dinner tonight.

Anyway, Ok, I'll catch up with u later then!

Then I walked back to my cousins.I told them that the bridegroom was my classmate. 25 years old only....
Then later when I spoke to them, another cousin of theirs, Lisa, had joined them.

Hei, we're trying to see if the bride is PREGNANT or of them said.

Oi....ha ha ha ha ha..SO BAD.

But then again, Kok Weng seems a bit......young to get married. *lolz*.
Whats this thing about guys getting married so early, these days?
My last couple of classmates who got married was due to *accidents*, you know? ;-)

Anyway, my parents told me that there was NO need for me to Greet Jane for any reason.
Let me explain why. Last night, when she came, she sat down. She had brought a Guy Friend along.

First and foremost, unless one is SERIOUSLY dating a guy or a girl, you would NOT bring him or her back to a family function, and especially one that includes extended members of family, i.e cousins, aunties, uncles, grandparents. etc.
I think this holds not for the Asian, but as well for the Western families. Unless you want tongues to wag.
And I don't bring one, JUST so that he could have a FREE dinner.

Secondly, when she sat down, I offered her to shake a hand. To which, she said something, that I can't remember, and refused to shake mine. My parents were AFFRONTED. I just Ignored her after that however.

This morning, when I was going to church, my mom told me that there is no need for me to speak to Jane or to greet her for any reason. Jane has to get off her HIGH HORSE, and learn to be meek, humble, and that I as her cousin, had already DONE my part by offering to greet her.
If she CAN'T accept it, there's really nothing much another party can do, if she still WANTs to REMAIN her old stubborn self.
Thank you, BUT NOT my LOSS.
She ALSO is another one who IS NOT ABLE TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for her own actions.
I PITY her, and seriously, I FEEL SORRY for her, coz she CAN'T GROW UP.

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