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Movies: Elle Woods: Legally Blonde 2.

Just borrowed the cd from Fitness First and watched it earlier at home..?

How do I like it? Hmmmm.....Elle Woods reminds me of Anne Shirley.
Which reminds me of Clarissa Explains it All.

Yes, I like Elle Woods.
She may be blonde. She may love shopping.
But DOES NOT MEAN that she is an *Airhead!*

She IS vulnerable.

She may act silly at times.

Or simply jumps into a scenario where ppl make fun and laugh at her.

But she JUMPS BACK. She HAS feelings. She IS human.

And I think that IS exactly WHAT I LIKE about Her.

She reminds me so much of myself. The *Determination* to Fight Back!


Anyway, for the past one week, I have been at Mabel's place going back and forth in the evening just to complete my artwork. Painstakingly painting and doing all the artwork. On Thursday, I stayed overnight in her place just to get things done by Friday.

However, when Friday came and I went to college bringing all my work, I bumped into two classmates in the lift.

Hei, where's your artwork?

Uh, we both left it at home.

You both what???????

Well, we were busy...
Nah, the teacher doesn't mind so much. She just wants to check, you know?

And there I was going ARRRGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I almost killed myself with no sleep overnighters and panicking for the past few days! I think I could have strangled the both of them on the spot!

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