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Day4 in school

No assembly in school today. The 4 years old class (plus the younger ones) are still not normalised yet.
Actually, its only Jasper, Tze En, Guo Xian who did all the crying and affected the rest of the class. *sigh*

I asked Priscilla to wipe the table today. Priscilla didn't know how to wipe the table, so I had to show her how to do it. It was important that I had let Tom to do that earlier, as he was acquainted with that practice since last year, and it allows other newer children to observe him doing it, so that they would want to join in as well (like Tom Sawyer and the wall whitewashing business affair!)

Surprisingly, without my asking, Tom asked later IF he could wipe the table instead later. He showed me the part where Qing Zhe had drawn on the table.

Today, Tze En's father left. It's time some weaning between father and daughter happens. Jasper and Tze En ends up forming an attachment to me. *lolz* and starting crying and crying coz I couldn't be there coz I had to send the kids back. Of course, Lillian was there to jaga what. Guo Xian stopped crying coz his elder sis was there.

Emily didn't cry today. That is SO amazing. Hmmm.....did drawing in the morning. Then we went out to the hall for circle time and sang some English, counting, sunday school, and Ants on the Apple! After which was break time, then proceeded to music and movement and dance in the hall with me playing the organ, and then Play Ground time.

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! What FUN!!!!!!!!

Last night, I told my mother what it is I had written down here in my blog. I braved myself to tell her that. And this afternoon, when I sent Bee Sien home, she told me that my mom told her exactly what I had said last night. Word for Word. Verbatim.


I know my mom. Coz in a way, I am exactly like her. If ppl tell me to do something, and I DON'T SEE the RATIONALE behind the action, I totally REFUSE to do it. That's the way to HANDLE my mom.
And that GOES FOR me as well.

The kids played computer the entire afternoon. Wow. What fun. I had the computer to myself alright.
Doing assignments is SO MUCH fun.

In retrospect, I'm feeling quite disorientated , being there just assissting Lillian, as I'm used to being the one handling my own class instead. However, I'll be the one doing most of the observation reports. I am definitely GOING to MAKE Sure Lillian KNOWS taht, and she CANT TAKE credit for that. Sometimes, we have do some ADVERTISING for ourselves.

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