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Day 7 of School: internship 2nd Day.

Summary of today:

Today was much better today. Having analysed my situation yesterday, I realised what it is I had to do today.
This morning, I spoke to Lillian about my intentions, and what it is I had to teach. Apparently she DIDN'T realise that my scope of work was NOT just limited to the Practical Life and Sensorial, but the entire syllabus from Mathematics, Literacy, Cultural and even Art!.

Anyway, today was much better than yesterday. This morning, Joyce's mother came and complained that her daughter had a scratch on her ribs. From what I know, and can remember, I don't remember her crying or screaming loudly last night out of any accidents or pain. But the Joyce put the blame that Brenda had pushed her, and wanted to speak to Lillian, since the latter was the one who was mostly looking after her. Joyce's mother somehow seemed to be appeased by Lillian's explanation later.

Only 11 were present in class today. Jasper cried a little after his mom left, but was ok after a while. Guo Xuan didn't cry much. There were two new children, Nicole and Shan-Shan. Shan-Shan was crying continously the entire morning, till the extent that her elder sister had to come down. Fortunately Shan-Shan did not vomit! The sister seeing her cry, cried as well, so I told the elder sister to go back to her class, as if not, both of them will be crying TOGETHER as well!

Overall, the class went well. I showed the children how to sit in a circle in the hall. I told them how to take the mat from the mat "corner". I took a while to get their attention, but I managed to show them how to roll the mat, and I showed them how to lay out the mat on the floor without throwing it. Then I showed them how to unroll the mat, and roll the mat back using two hands to carefully roll it back properly.

As for the Large Number Rods, this time, the group was divided into half. The group was smaller, so the children had more individual attention. Some of the kids didn't want to follow, so they stayed in the class doing other class work given by Lillian. They could still identify the third rod, which would be more difficult as the rods are more and more compartmentalised by the colours as I add on more later.

After school was over, and the kids had all gone home, I spoke again to Lillian, that I would have to co-ordinate my lesson planning with her, so that I would be able to accomplish the objectives laid out for the children, and she would keep the other half of the children to do other work with them.


Rolling Mat (Practical Life).

Evaluation: The children were able to follow the lesson well. They enjoyed rolling the mat. Although they were "going in & out" of the lesson, they still managed to follow and observe the others rolling the mat.
7 other children were absent, so I'd have to do the same lesson with them later when they return.

Personal Learning:


Large Number Rods: Rods 1, 2 & 3

Evaluation: The children were able to follow as well. Cheng Wei, although he didn't speak much (actually, he hardly spoke much since the the first day of school!), was able to listen and follow the instructions given. He could identify the rods asked, and could roll the mats well as well. Eugene couldn't follow however.

Personal Learning: (will write later......).

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