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Day 6 of school

Today is Day 6 of school.
It is different today, as I have to already start planning lessons for the 3 & 4 years class.
I write my lesson plans in this thick lined hard cover book, and transfer it onto the computer where I'll type it out later. So I don't have to actually do my thinking in front of the computer. LIke do my work, when I'm still at the office.
When one is just merely observing, there's not as much as work.

But I also have to write a summary of my school day that I clock in, so it's like telling a "mini" story for the placement tutor/ internship co-ordinator/ moderator to read, and helps clarify the situation as told.
I also have to write the implementation of the lesson plan, evaluation and also personal learning. Damn
So much work to do.

I think I may have to remove part of the entry below later, as IT is, I think quite personal. Personal for the kids, that is. But this is later, once I've got it transferred and printed to my file.
So, for the rest, Enjoy learning from it, for as long as u can till I REMOVE it.

Summary: Early in the morning, I had told Lillian that I was going to take half the kids for my class. However, instead, she SENT all the kids out. So after seating them down on the mat, I had to send back the other half of the class back into the class. No doubt that there were 3 kids still not normalized. I had already told her half, I don't know why she still had to send ALL of them out to me. Still, she cant just send them all out to me just because they were already normalised, as she has her own part of the teaching to do instead.

Before starting the lesson, I asked Lillian to send the kids out to the hall and asked them to sit on the bench, since it's their first time that I started their lesson. I asked them to sit on the bench first. Then I went to carry the mat out. I showed them how to lay the mat out on the floor, and how to roll it out.

I had actually prepared to only teach them how to do 'pegging' today, but I forgot that I had also have to teach them how to roll the mat before that.(as I am following according to the index of exercises that I have to do, rolling the mat is considered part of the ground rules orientation lessons, and a separate lesson by itself. I think. I have to check this with the internship co-ordinator again).

So I have to do that tomorrow. Then I showed the children how to sit around the mat.I brought the kids, one by one to sit around the mat, and told them that NONE of them are supposed to ever walk on the mat. I showed them how to sit akimbo (cross their legs, that is), and that they are not to sleep on the mat when the lessons are done.

Anyway, Lilian had sent out practically the entire class out to me. So I 'threw back" half the class to her, coz I already told her that we are going to divide the class into half, and I didn't want too many children out in the hall.
I showed the children how to hold the peg, and illustrated to them that mummy uses it to dry clothes on a sunny day. I presented to them how to hold the peg, peg it onto the basket, then remove it and put it bck into the basket. Quite a number of them didn't know how to even hold the peg at all. It was like this 'strange" foreign alien thing to them. Brenda, the African girl, was initially hesitant to do it. She held it, then stopped. So I asked her to observe and do it later. Jasper, the new boy, was pegging halfway. Then his father who was observing then quietly left. He started to cry. He couldn't complete the pegging exercise. I let Brenda do the pegging exercise later. She was able to complete it. All the children were able to do the pegging exercise.

I also planned to teach Large Number Rods with the children today. However, apparently Lillian had different ideas. She wanted me to use the Short bead Stair (number 1, red bead) to show to the kids, so that we could go into using the workbook soon! I wanted to teach the kids to identify Rod No 1 & 2, so that they could be able to point out the different rods, and arrange it up to 10. She feels that they could learn quickly because it was just Number 1. I didn't think so, coz the group was so big, and a smaller group was needed so I could identify if they understood or not. So, ended up, we wasted time arguing on that point instead of actually going straight to the lesson. HMMPH!! I was so exasperated and Annoyed! She thought that I was going to teach both Short Bead number 1 and LNRod at the same time. As if! One material at a time. I cant teach so many things at one time because I feel that it is very disorderly.

Nonetheless, I laid out the mat and asked the kids to sit around the mat. I taught them Rod No 1 & 2 in isolation, and asked them to point out the rods.

Pegging exercise-
Evaluation: The children took to the pegging exercise quite easily. They could relate to the exercise more easily when I told them how the peg was used at home, as some of them may have seen their moms or the maid at home using it.

Personal learning: I think its important I communicate with Lillian clearer on what my objectives with the children are, so that there will be no misunderstanding between the both of us. I also have to communicate with Lilian on what her intentions are, so that there is NO misunderstanding and that there will no time wasted when the lesson plans are to be executed out.

Its important that teachers understand that they have to be patient with kids and where the children are coming from. Its easy to scold the kids, calling them incompetent, when basically the children themselves have no idea how to work an object.
Large Number Rods: Teaching rods number 1 & 2.

Evaluation: The children were able to identify rods number 1 & 2 when pointed out. They were able to follow the lesson of 1 & 2.

Personal Learning: As a result of what happened, I felt that lesson went quite topsy turvy. I think I have to communicate with Lillian that I cant teach so many things at one time, and that I will only be presenting one material at each time, and be focusing ONLY on that material, so that the children will not get mixed up.

I will not present the Short Bead Stair, if it weren't in an entire stair, because I want the children to know that the red bead stair is part of a bigger group of 10, and does not just stand alone by itself, else it would have no meaning.
Just as I would not just teach only on Large Number Rod without a second number rod, and I will not be able to determine if the children understand the difference between 1 without a 2 or if they know the difference between 1 & 2 or not.
I would have to communicate with Lillian on how I intend to teach using the materials, and that there is a precise procedure and philosphy behind it to do so.

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