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About time to get a boyfriend, not husband, mind you.

This is probably the first time I've mentioned it here, but about the 100th time I'd have mentioned it to Annie or Asta by now. Hmmm....for the past ONE year (according to Asta anyway).

Ha ha ahhah

Thing is....uh. Can I manage my time to *squeeze* in one?

When I was with my ex, I purposely took the evening classes. Just for HIS sake. Coz I wanted to spend more time with him on weekends. (hint. hint. Now you know why I NEVER took up the offer of changing to Saturday classes no matter how many times my mother *badgered* me to..)

I always felt *guilty* for not spending enough time with him, and also enough time for MY Assignments!

Well that didn't last, and *ironically* I have to do Saturday classes now anyway!


Ha ha ha Ha.

Can I make enough time for my gym?

Can I make enough time for my studies?

Can I make enough time to complete my assignments?

Can I make enough time to spend with my friends alone (without a pest of a boyfriend to be hanging around)?

Can I make enough time for MYSELF?

* OK, First and Foremost,

I need to find some *candidates*.

OK, who knows any? ;-)


On the other hand, Annie can alraedy *swim* now after 4 lessons....she must be damn genius man! ;-)
. Wah Lan.

Dunno how good she is...

Ahhh I still DUNNO how to swim.....Die Die Die Die Die Die Die Die.

Who wants to give me swimming lessons, ah?

Maybe I'll take it up before going overseas too. heh. ;-)

Hmmm...but then again, my trainer gives me workout trainings without my ever asking him to..
So I'd be darned if I said I'm not a *lucky* gal!!!


Anonymous said...

What's the application process?
Do prospective boyfriends need to fill in a whole lot of forms and submit to a thorough background check?

U Joe

Anonymous said...

Whether you will have the time to "squeeze" in a boyfriend or not, depends on what you expect from having a boyfriend, and the level of mutual understanding and acceptance with each other. It has to have both sides to work.

U Joe

jordangoh said...

Dont know how to swim?! Haha. Its quite rare for anyone above age 12 to be a non swimmer dont you think? But no worries, it's never too late to learn. That is if you wanna. :)


Anonymous said...

Someone mentioned to you not so long ago that you've got the body for routine dancing.

I'm seconding that, and would like to add that you've got the body for swimming too. Heh heh heh. *smiles... So, go ahead and enjoy the process of learning to swim. *be careful of the waterfalls yea?

U Joe

cheayee said...

Ok. I cant remember who told me that I had body for routine dancing...*blur* *blur* *blur* as a sotong.

Anyway, as for candidates applying...*LoLz*,
....."soon kei zhi yin".

Actually, I kinda got a little bit of it, the last time when Ben was trying to *show* me, but I think I'd be out of practice by now.


cheayee said...

I meant the swimming. Ben lives near me in an apartment, and the apartment has a swimming pool.

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