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2nd day of school.

Tom and Velex seem to getting along real fine.

Wei Heng seems to have settled down.

Zi Yan came down for a while when she saw the play dough. And wanted to go up carrying the rolling pin and play dough in hand. miss your teacher so much...he he.

Emily was crying as usual......and puked today! Hmm, I wonder how long more would she be continuing being like that....

Thrown into the limelight, Tom is relishing his role as the big brother. He's showing off...doing stuff for everyone, helping out....but not necesarily means that he is actually being responsible. *lolz*.

Velex on the other hand, doesn't shine out as Tom is. He's still in his own world.
He was trying to talk to me about the rabbits when we were out in the garden. That he was feeding the rabbits and there are two baby rabbits with a big Mama rabbit. *lolz*

Speaking of which, I'm going to have to start teaching the kids sign language, like how I did with the previous group. I find Sign Language immensely useful, and I can sign the entire English alphabet with some basic verb and pronoun signs. Sometimes I sign before I talk, and the kids last year immediately got the hint before I could even say anything. He he. So smart, aren't they?

Ben can actually sign pretty well, but he's forgotten most of it, so he mostly spells it out instead of using the correct signs. As long as he can get the message across!

Have to bring my familiar cd song from last year and play.

Woah......I actually find it comforting to have Velex & Tom in my class. It's like, so reassuring to have some familiar faces within a sea of new faces. :-P
Last year, Tom was like the baby...but now he's like the, woah, I'm gonna be like The Monitor of this class. Everyone follow me, yeah!


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