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This morning, I woke up at 9 (quite early considering it's my work holidays! Shall not be deemed a school holiday, since I'm no longer in high school. Thank You very much).

My dad was in the kitchen having his breakfast. The conversation went like this.

"Why are you up so early?"

"I've a class at 11.30."


"No. Organ class. I need to practise before the class starts."

"Ah. So you won't wake up for any other reasons besides that?.."

"I don't see the reason too....besides Holidays are the best time to sleep coz u can't do that any other time..."

We talked. 15 minutes conversation. He had to rush off for some meeting about the two Koi fishes that had just died yessterday. Poor fishes. (Not that I care anyway. I'm more into dogs and cats).

About what I planned to do after my studies. I said, to go with the flow of what happens.

"Soon Kei Jee Yeen".

But I plan to have one feet in the journalism realm.
My dad knows that my being in the preschool line isn't exactly the kind of experience that I need right now or really want.

Besides, if I want to have a column about childhood education issues,
that would definitely be something to think about.

I finally went to collect my cheque from Joe's office. Well, it is a starting point for me to think about more serious issues.

I managed to find my way there without a map. Now, ain't I a smart girl, eh? ;-)

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