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Wish Lists 2004.

On a lighter note, Here's my wishlist. Please refer to Divabat's post on Wish Lists....since it's coming to Christmas holidays anyway....he he.

Here is my wishlist of the things I would random order. (If I can think of anymore than 10 or less!).

1. A new camera (better than my Kodak EasyShare version for those of you who have seen it. There's no lighting and sometimes the pics taken look REAL bad.).

2. A new PDA cum Phone cum Camera (Cool huh? I like KMT's one..but it's bloody expensive, and I've other things I could do with my money, like SAVING up.). Especially features like browsing using GPRS, Bluetooth, Microsoft Office (very very convenient!), Photos and stuff!

3. Manicure, and Spa Beauty Vouchers: Whitening facials, Moisturing facials and body treatments, massages, etc (haven't done any of that in a long long time), but in a location I'm familiar with, of course.

4. Book and stationary vouchers (preferably at MPH, as stuff in Kinokuniya KLCC is just so TOO expensive and not worth it.).

5. Hmmm...come to think about it....yup. A new laptop would be cool. with all the works DVD, sound system. speed, WiFi connection. etc. YUMMY.

6. A new hunky, sexy, adorably yummy and lusty boyfriend to go at it like rabbits. (Ha ha ha ha. Like that's gonna happen any time soon.)

7. A swanky gift debit card from HSBC. He he he. One to go shopping with. Seen it lots last year but never thought about it.

8. A new girly looking watch. My watches are always getting lost or straps breaking.

9. A new lady's purse. my black bought-in-OZ-made-in-China doesn't count as a Lady's purse.

10. will add in soon.


Anonymous said...

Referring to Wish #6:
Hmm... Such sensual, passionate desire... :) We all know what rabbits are famous for... Hey, they're also rather silent. Remember what you mentioned earlier about those who talk a lot may not be actually doing it, and vice versa? (open to interpretation)

Anonymous said...

Previous comment was mine. Forgot to put my name there.

U Joe

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