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Winter Solstice Festival

Hmm....yup. today is the Winter Solstice Festival.

I didn't even know it was called such, till I read today's Star paper!

I only realised that when Asta told me we couldn't go to the gym tonight. *lolz*

I texted my bro and mom to get the tepung pulut so we could make tang yuen tonight.

Next I know, my bro was screaming over the phone to me to get the tepung pulut. I know in the evening was that I was informed by my mother that my brother had obviously screamed on the phone to my mom so that she'll remember to make tang yuen!!!
(I could have guessed otherwise!! Ha haha).

Anyway, my mom and I, and the maids made lots and lots of the glutinous rice balls in pink and white..

very easy to make. u need tepung pulut, water, all the isi, and a pot with pandan leaves, sugar and water to boil.


Cheers everyone! Have fun eating your tang yuen.

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