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A conversation with Melanie.

Last evening I went to college to have a meeting with my Montessori practicum lecturer, Melanie.

"Melanie, you know, I think I may just end up being a columnist when I finish this course of studies."

"I think we all KNOW that."

"Hmm...working in a preschool isn't really going to cover or build up my experiences that I need. I think I need more than just these experiences in the preschool"..

"You know, there are many people who just come in to the preschool like that."

"I know. Lots of people come up to me and say, u know, you're real lucky you have a relative that has a business to run and u can manage it. It's better than working out in that dog-eat-dog world.
But. I only have ummm kid-bite-kid experiences......with kids saying, teacher, he hit me!!!
So really, I can't really emphathise with them in that way u know.
It's like I'm listening to them, but I can only theoretically emphatise and go uh huh, uh huh...
thanks for sharing. But I don't have that depth of experience to feel what they feel.

"'ll be emphatically emphatising?"

"Look at this way. She was in business and managing before this. What kind of experiences do I HAVE anyway? I really need some same age mental stimulation....or not I may go crazy!! I think I may end up being like Annie. Well, I think she's great, but I'm not her...I'd like to be myself, but being Annie is totally beyond me......"
(pun Annie. Pun. You agree with me, Annie, don't ya? I don't think u want anyone else to be like ya, of course. ha ha ha ;-)

So that is how the conversation more or less went. I think u get the gist of it.

Anyway, when I DO go overseas, I was thinking of joining, if they have in the uni, an Acting Society. I don't really aspire to be on tv (much as I'm an attention seeking person. Lolz). I like the theatres.

One does not really appreciate the amount of time that a musician or an actor/actress actually puts in when they
watch a show. I can really admire Chris Ling for his persistence with us, don't u think, Annie? At least he's not as bad as Joe Hasham.

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