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The defining moment.

What is it that defines us to be what we are today? What is it that we aspire, but does that work for us?

Yesterday, when I was out with JaneL for lunch at JayaJusco, she was telling me about her friend, 21 yrs, who was very "see man". hmmm..what is the English term for that? lady like? I dunno. But wherever the latter went, she would attract guys like "bees to the honey", metaphorically speaking.. woah. To me, that is like PoWeR. Woah....isn't that fantastic to be so popular...unfortunately, I don't think I can pull that off. Being the ToMbOy I am.. *Lolz*.

Today I was in Yoga class, under this Chinese-Malay instructor, Nadira.

She seemed so confident. Very forceful with her words.

Come to think of it, I don't really know which is better. But in a classroom, i'd say the latter would be preferable......

To be a mixture of both, is that seemingly possible? I haven't really seen that happen. But I know that Mabel is a Queen at the former......

Well. I actually like both....

To be extremely *manja* is definitely NOT me....*lolz*. Ha ha ha......I can definitely NoT Pull that off...not with a straight face. It's not a belief I have of myself. However, I think, if I get used to be, perhaps IT could be second nature. *lolz*.

Actually, I'm not manja by nature, but after mixing around with Mabel, I guessed the *magic* rubbed off on me....ha ha ha.

When I was returning from FitnessFirst today, I stopped my car by the road, coz I was waiting for Asta to my car. Who should come by but another friend of ours, Ben! He had just come from his own LP guest event....and my, was I surprised to SEE him. *lolz*.

So, happily, all three of us went for supper at an Indian eatery nearby.

Today I found a book. It's an old by Josh Harris. It helped settle what I was feeling all this while as I think I can look more objectively at the very thing that was troubling me for some time now.

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