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Smarter men?

You know what?

I like my men, or future MAN to be smarter than me.

Why? I dunno.

Hmmm....maybe a bit like my father. What can I say? My father figure, my dad influenced me a lot.

I WANT a decisive man.

Who knows what he wants from life.

Who is willing to take risks.

Who is not Over-Sensitive.

Who is not like lalang. Goes with the wind.

Knows WHO he is.

He need not necessarily be handsome.

Must have sense of humour. Be witty.

Have a sarcastic sense of humour (or try to be in some ways.)

Gets along with me.

Accepts me FOR who I AM.

Of not, he can go FLY.

Is Ambitious. Willing to Work Hard.

Patient with People.

A Gentleman. Open Doors.

Means What he says.

Adorably cute (in my eyes anyway). Mwa ha ha.

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