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Putting into practice what I have Learnt.

What came into mind?

I've a cousin (those who knows me well enough should be able to guess who it is I'm referring to) who majored in Mass Communications. This is a wholly service line. Mass Communications.
She majored in Mass Comm. But when she communicates with me, she is worst than someone who has never majored in Mass Communications.

She askes me the same question over and over again. So unethical in the way she presents herself.
Worst to add to it, a huge ballistic EGO.

She can be so bloody transparent and not realise it.

Where is that aspect of training-ship, may I ask?

Gerard argued that this was not practicable in Malaysia. For Engineering that is.

But Mass Comm? Hello. I can communicate and interact better than you do (my cousin that is) at the rate you are doing.

I say this, because when I study my current two units, the Value of Play and CMS (Communications) unit, I see a lot of relevance in it. I am able to relate to what I have read.

Granted that I have not actually started on the Play (trying to digest the information that I have taken in of late).
and it's DUE like, soon!

Don't people put into practice what they have learnt?

That is SO SAD.

On a lighter note, my mother was pretty curious about the whole Talent company thing. She was quite pleased apparently.

Anyway, I've always wanted to try out this kinda stuff.

A totally new and adventurous venture for me!! * CAN'T WAIT!!"

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