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The problem with the bee and the flower....

I found my other gold earring stud. Hehe.
Yeah. My skin doesn't take to Malaysian silver or any other so called 'metals' well besides gold.

When I told Vincent that I wanted gold for Christmas last year, I didn't know that he would actually GET it.
But he did surprisingly...

Anyway, Mabel came to mass today.......yup LUCT is on hol now.

She even came up to give a testimony. Praise the Lord!

Why is it that girls don't ever make the first move?

Because it is a gender thing?

I guess when it comes to matters of the heart, it is never easy.

Isn't it?

Neither is it for the guy anyway.

I think what most girls WOULD worry about is would the guy respect her if she made the first move?

Well, that is how I would think anyway. And also from the cultural context as well.

Of course, if it's a mutual thing, that it is different altogether. As a friend has pointed out, and I acknowledge that.

If it could be as easy as the time when this guy just suddenly declared it to me when we were out on this outing up this hill, wouldn't it be great? He, I would say. was very spontaneous. and very straight to the point!
Anyway, we ended up going out for a while.....

As it is, a female's intuition is almost never wrong.

(I'm sure guys have their own kind of intuition as well....lolz :-)

It's like having a premonition, but I can't exactly place my finger on it.

For example, if I don't like the guy, I know what it is that is going to come my way, but I don't want to acknowledge it until it is spoken out. Until then, I refuse to acknowledge it.
Partly is because I don't want to assume that I KNOW what the other party actually feels, and also, I don't want to get a kick in the face, metaphorically speaking by being too smart for myself.

Also, even if I DO like the guy, neither would I actually voice it out.
It is not easy when my emotions are ahead of me, and I am trying to evaluate the situation and intepret it in an Objective manner.

(Sounds like some kind of Observation Report. Lolz).

I would try to stay away from the said subject, to refocus my feelings and look at things in a more objective manner. When that is done, only would I have anything to do with the subject in question, as to not exaggerate my subjective perspective.

Hard as it is, however, non-verbal behaviour tends to verbalise what is Not verbalised.

Or it could be the other way round, where, what is verbalised may belie what is non-verbal (should one have good acting skills).

Somehow, I think that I may have already got the answer to what I want verbalised without having actually verbalising it out at all. Which may not exactly be what I want verbalised back.

I think I will just have to do what Agnes did.

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