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Pissed or not?

Well, I don't know if to be pissed or not at my classmate for asking me to go to Amway.

A lot of people do things for a reason. Especially if they want something from you. Sometimes you cant tell whether they are being genuine or not. My classmate, SY is quite a clever bastard. I just didn't realise till what extent!

In this context, what she wanted for me was to join Amway. The thing is that, technically she would benefit if I joned Amway, and from certain aspects, I would benefit from Amway, as not only she is involved with the business, but there are 3 other individuals as well. I'm just too lazy to think about $$ and don't feel like joining or am not feeling motivated to do any kind of selling or network.

Well, Amway is like any other business. It's not free business. I know how Amway works, coz my dad was involved with it for a while. The only difference is that the fees are per annum and if you don't work, you dont get your income back.
WELL, for the first 3 years that is. Or till one reaches a certain level anyway.

All I can say is that no human is genuinely Honest anymore. That is such a naive context.

It's the same as in how I felt about AW.

Sometimes a person just doesn't know whether to be resentful to another or not for being who they are (that is when they have some intention in mind). With my couz, I realised that. But seriously, SY is one tricky bastard that I didn't realise until I saw her bf and the bf's bro coming along!

Aside from that, Hmmmmmm.....

My Human Comm lecturer stated that I was a very spontaneous person.

Well, darling. I AM different.

I just have to make sure my grades are as outstanding as the person I am!!!

Well, I just came into class today during our mid noon break and EXCLAIMED loudly to everyone who I was. Patricia replied by saying thank you for introducing everyone to each other. Mwa ha ha ha ha ha.

I just said I had trouble with names, that's all.

Hmm..I was just being annoying. Thank you very much.

The lecturer said since I was so different, I could go all the way by going to the North and marrying an Eskimo. To which I replied that I can't stand the cold. Mwah ha ha ha ha.

Anyway, to end it all, Joey actually talked to me after class ended. First time he did since I joined the class!

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