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Pictures (Christmas quarter-2004).

cleanup., originally uploaded by BullockCart.

after cooking, sure must clean up what!!! ;-)

tong yuen, originally uploaded by BullockCart.

solstice winter festival.

yummy tong yuen.

yum yum yum...pity u all can't be here to enjoy with me, ya? ;-)

WeeClan, originally uploaded by cheayee.

The "Wee" clan except for me lar!

I am Yong wat! My mommy, auntie, couzin and moi!

Villagers, originally uploaded by cheayee.

One of the families in the indigenous village.

They were sitting all over the place, so i told them to *berkumpul* lar.

One thing about cameras is that, no matter what kind, if people see a paper camera or disposable one,they sure will pai pose for all to see wan. *lolz*

CY, originally uploaded by cheayee.

in front of the hut in the indigenous village.

this is the main house, where people stay.

Mable1, originally uploaded by cheayee.

My bodacious cousin sis, Mabel Wee.

Well, she's 20 years old, and very un-attached. Lolz.
Anyone interested? ;-)

CY2, originally uploaded by cheayee.

in the restaurant where we had our lunch.

man I look so Hiao. Ha ha ha ha.

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