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Phantom tonight!

Am going to take my parents out to watch The Phantom tonight!!! Wheeeeeee!!! Can't wait!!!

He he he.

Last night, Khudairi trained me for about an hour...I seriously haven't had a serious work out in ages. Haven't done Body Pump or Body Combat in ages.Feels really good!!

The Pilates and Yoga does very well for my balancing act, as I need that for my catwalk sessions. Have trouble with the balancing work needed when wearing high heels. *lolz*. Lots of STRETCHING.

The instructor, Nadira, said that Asta was getting stiff..he he......ahh..that's a result from a long hiatus. hehe..
I have to give up Body Pump and Body Combat for the latter temporarily.

I was just going reading my CMS textbook on the section of Brainstorming. This leads to my recollection of Bill Patric in The Apprentice. Did he brainstorm with the team before setting out to do the task? I'm sure they must have. ...which comes to my next point, lateral and vertical thinking.
Vertical thinking is termed as logical and sequential thinking whilst Lateral is random, imaginative and creative (De Bono, 1990).

Put into perspective, brainstorming sessions can be thought of as the lateral thinking part of gathering creative ideas, a collection of different individuals' ideas, provided it is done in a non-cricticsed and controlled environment, and each and everyone's ideas are appreciated. Hitchhiking of ideas, thinking out of the box and all these are encouraged.

The second aspect of the brainstorming session, takes part after the original brainstorming session. That can be thought of as the vertical thinking part, as ideas are evaluated for their usefulness, contribution and link to the original scheme of things. as it is, logical and sequential thinking into place.

Will elaborate more when done reading.

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