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Out of our hands

Isn't it true that although all things are permissible, but not all things are beneficial. (Corinthians 6:12) ?

Hmmm...sometimes I would like to do as I wish, but that does not mean it will bring benefit to me.

For example, if I wanted to remain slim, I don't go and gorge on fried food all day and ice-cream on others.


Had a great time shopping with KMT at Midvalley today. Thanks for your company ya! ;-) a really sexy kitty band. (which totally turned heads where ever I went). ;-) apposed to the normal Santarina hat I'd wear every year. Lolz. I did that when I was out with Mike a couple of years back. (Jane & Agnes met him incidentally).

we went around looking at Christmas prezzies for sale.

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