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Oral Speech Due next week!!!


Dun even know how to start?!!!!
I totally forgot about the European/American magazines.

and the art work as well. sigh. sigh. sigh. sigh. everything gotta do like a mad person for the next two days!

Hmm. I didn't like the sales person at Bobbi Brown KLCC today.
I"m sure KMT and sis would agree.
Hmm. I"m sure the brand is good, but its the people that makes the sales. sigh..
The one sales lady at Clinique was very helpful. humble. and smilling. She has the right spirit.

Got myself a new pair of sports shoe. and STILETTOS.

You know, the sales people at KLCC thought that stilettos was a brand!!! and they're based there!
How smart some people can be...sigh.

The stillettos are a killer!!!! Oh my goodness. I could just walk and die falling off the floor.....!

Showed KMT and sis my studio pix. Hmmm....I think I look fine in it..... and there's the pic of me and Mabel.

He says I look prettier than her coz I *seem* to have something more of a pizzazzz.........
(yeah, with my madcap ways and uh...soprano voices that sing madly alone in the park
and walking around barefooted at night.and he hoping that no one else would see it....ha ahhahahhahaha

:0 ;0 Like anyone's going to care lar???)

But still, *Awwwwwwwww*....isn't that sweet of him to say that? ;-)

Anyway, I think my cousin is prettier.

But the thing is, people can be pretty, but that doesn't mean they're photogenic, right?

I think myself as *photogenic* to a certain extent!!!

*in this context, self praise IS praise* yup. yup. yup.

Hmmm. 40 page loads in two days. Now that is a record. I thought only I read my own blog. Since no one ever leaves comments!!


Anyway, I misplaced my Communications textbook. Alamak!!! I must have left it at Wisma Goldhill.
I hope I didnt lose it. SIGH SIGH SIGH SIGH. what a waste of time going back and forth.

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