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Mmm..mmm.mmm. mmm.

*Yummy* *Yummy* *Yummy*...

I can just feel it........mmm....mmm mmmm.

What is it that is so deliciously yummy, you may ask?

Hmmm ;-)

That's a secret. For me to know..and not for you to find out. ;-)


I found out a secret recently. Or more to the point. A very good tip.

The other day, when I got home, I miao-ed at the door.
No cat answered. Well, actually, the gate was locked.
Then I barked.

Guess what?

A symphony of barks by the neighbourhood dog-gy orhestra sang a bark-y reply in return.

Their owners came out to utter a halting reply to their dog-gy choir!

He he.

Good tip to use next time u are walking alone in a neighbourhood and u see only dogs in the district. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Yummy yummy yummy.
Banana split with whipped cream, served with chocolate blend and a touch of vodka.

Abalone sliced like a birthday cake, with lines radiating from the centre outwards. Soaked in lemon juice, eaten with a fork.

U Joe

Anonymous said...

Meow Meow, Wo Wo.

Thanks for the hint... I did that to Squealer this morning and we had a conversation. When the neighbour's doggy barked, I grrr-red back. Not really a dog person here... I like cats better anytime. And Panther was so chirpy yesterday, thanks to the chicken skin and bones with meat still on them.

U Joe

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