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Miss World 2004

Wow. I didn't know they had Fast-Track events to choose the final contestants...I think that is a fair way to selecting the contestants anyway. Being the winner for triathlon, in a talent performance, congeniality, catwalk, and beachwear. he he. It is a lot of work, don't u think? A girl has got to shine in all those areas....Lolz. really puts the pressure on.. other than the fact that I can't swim....well....i might as well drown. Lolz.

However, the worst I thought was the getting-to-know the personality videos of the contestants , the final 15 that is...tacky. tacky. tacky. .
Miss Mexico was really great as catwalk person. and looked totally different in the evening wear. a real transformation....but her personality video..was.....much left to be desired.......

The informal question and answer, I thought was answered pretty well by Miss United States and Miss Peru. Miss. Peru took the initiative to at least get a translator for herself.

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