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My intuition is never wrong. However.

Most of the time.

Last evening, as I left my house for college, I knew I had forgotten something.

I just couldn't place my finger on it.

It was only after my conversation with Melanie that I remembered what it was.

I had FORGOTTEN to put my Marking Criteria sheet into my assignment.





So i called SY. She on the other hand, didn't know she had to hand in her assignment by latest 5pm.

so she started to




coz the administration staff was already going to leave.

and it would be considered LATE SUBMISSION. with cut in marks!

Anyway, all's well, ends well.

But I missed my appointment with Wai Yen.
She was kind enough and very sweet to schedule another appointment with me...when, however, I have no idea.

Speaking in which, regard, comes to my next topic which is Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Theory, which I will dwell on later.
Howard Gardner has research and discovered 8 types (generally speaking) of Intelligences, which are, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Kinesthetic, Auditory, Musical, Visual, Mathematical-Logical, Linguistic.

Also there are the different types of learners.

I was dwelling on this when I went for my line-dance class.

Will speak more on this later and also Dunn and Dunn's Model of Learning Styles (as I read from Parent Think October issue).
I shall elaborate more after reading up on the module of Lateral thinking in my CMS unit.

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