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Somehow I feel that a woman's intuition is Almost Always Right. It's just something that I feel, without knowing why. Of course, past experiences normally tell me that my judgement is right.

Peng Guan asked me what it was all about..and I gave him a lawyer-like answer.

I can't tell him until I have enough supporting evidence to prove my thesis. Lolz.

Anyway, met up with Kong after handing in my essay. WOAH. I feel SO relieved. Unfortunately Now I have to start work on my Play essay. Sigh....yeah, Joe, you'll probably get another article on the way now. Ha ha ha ha.

He gave me my birthday present. I told him on the spot that Westerners open their gifts on the spot, whereas Asians do the opposite and only open it in private. He was suprised. But anyway, I opened the gift on the spot. Ha ha. and we started talking about AW..........

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Anonymous said...

No wonder it is said that it is not wise to lie to a woman. Somehow, they have a sense that tells them whether something is not what it seems.

Sometimes, women have keener eyes too. I didn't know a guy friend of mine wore a toupee until after one and a half months when I noticed his hair didn't seem to grow. But my gal friend could see it the first time. That's another example of a woman's intuition in action. Ha ha.

U Joe

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