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Hectic schedule

Just came back from Grooming Class....whatever u want to call it.

Arrrgggghhhhh..I'm so busy this week!!

Like seriously.

Havent included my Dental appointment. hmmm..I think I can only schedule that for next week. This week is so totally packed that I just don't know what to do!!!

Does anyone have American/European model pictures?

I need to cut out 20 poses.....doesn't matter if it's very old....I just need the cuttings. Asian models aren't very helpful coz they are all covered up. I need the pictures to show the different kind of poses...

Yup. HOMEWORK for my modelling classes.

I've also got to practice my poses and uh......catwalk as well..

Ha ha ha.

Sunday- Morning mass.

Evening- I think I have to give up on going for carolling tomorrow.
There's absolutely no way I can do so many things like completing my essay without the extra time.

My parents will freak out if I ever say I'm not goin to hand in my assignment. Lolz.

On Monday,
Gotta finish my bloody assignment by 2.30pm.

Meet Melanie to copy notes for Internship. from 3-4?

hand in assignment by - 5.00pm.

Meet Wai Yan FF. trainer at 5.30

morning- practice organ
mid morning- finish Colour Chart (yup painting and more painting).

organ class at 1.15 (BUY 8B Pencil and Artblock)

Start reading and doing skeleton for ORAL PRESENTATION. SIgh. I need to get Sound Effects and a Tape Recorder.

Technically, can go to M.A gym today.....(gotta see if can make appointment with Khu).

4.30 Makeup consultation at Wisma Goldhill.

To go buy a pair of 3 inch stillettos.
I doubt I could borrow any from my mom since she doesn't walk around in stillettos!!!

Thursday -

Class at night. 7pm.

Yup. Read up before my PLAY class tonight.

Finish all artwork today. (3 pieces of toning using 8B pencil, Oil Pastels, Colour Pencil x 2 sets!!!)
mount kids drawings with manila card board.

Hmmm. Probably meet Melanie again to copy more notes.

Friday- My convocation the entire day.

Yup. I'm finally graduating and putting on my convocation cap and attire.
Getting my diploma!!!

opps. I forgot. I haven't asked anyone yet.


you can INVITE Yourself. :-)

Art class at 7.00pm.
Saturday- class whole day. from morning till night at Summit.

Morning-gym (probably make appointment with Wai Yan again!- can't go too long without gym!!)

Afternoon- Communications Class

Evening- Modelling class.

Sunday- go down to Sungai Tisong for Christmas church outing.

DIE Lor.

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Anonymous said...

Ohhh my god. u r busier than donald trump la..

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