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Harrassed by *dirty* SMS from strangers.


Of course that didn't happen to me. Thank you very much.

I would definitely display and give out the number to everyone I know so they can harrass the sender.

Hmm. In relation to this, I have an experience with really really real Real Life Jerks.

Many years ago, I'd say I was a very different person.


Nerdy? Ha ha.

Well, not too long ago.

People change.

Well, before my friend, LLC went to UK, I mostly hung out with her.
(Those who have known me all this while will know that of course).
I've known her since elementary school up till now. But haven't kept in touch with her.

I used to think that she was The Goddess. Anywhere I went, guys would practically fall at her feet.

They still do now.


Seriously. I thought guys who didn't think she was The Goddess must be mad

(ok. that was how I used to think when I was younger.)

Needless to say, that didn't help my self-esteem very much.

Anyway, she used to go out with these guys.

Now that I think about it (well, actually it's not now...but actually, I thought about it a couple of years back before I was even with my ex-bf).
the guys she dated.. well... they are not exactly outstanding people.

(I've to thank Jane Yong for helping me with that! Thanks, Jane!)

With ethics. So to say.

Out of all the guys she dated, there was only one I had respect for, that was Alex.
He was one of the sweetest fellas around. Ya. I still keep in touch with him till now anyway. But NO TIME.

There were two guys LLC dated that really repulses me now even when I think about it.

Ok, one she met online right before she left for UK.

She was so deliriously in *lust* with him. More for his looks, I'd say.

Anyway, to cut to the story, I did met up with him lots after she left.

Sometimes with his friends, sometimes just him alone.

He used to talk so much about her, about how much he wanted to go to UK to see her, etc, etc, etc.

I just listened halfway and dreamed away not listening to his boring talk.

Well, there was one night that he totally crossed the line.

We were in the car. This was at night on New Year's Day after my chapel service.

I had just gone home and he asked if I wanted to go for a drink.

Anyway, whilst we were in the car listening to the radio, I was minding my own business and stuff.


Ok. let's just say that I lost my respect for him.

What happened, you ask?

Yeah. He tried to make a pass at me.

Anyway, I told CL what happened.

He asked me why did I tell her. (stupid man).

I didn't even bother answering him after that.

Turns out later that he was Co-Habiting with a girl and tried to hide it from her....


My ex did ask what happened, but I didn't really like talking about it.

And I hardly mentioned it.

No. I didn't tell my parents what happened. Horrors! Dunno what my dad would have done!

But let's just say I was pretty disgusted with CL's ex for behaving like that.

The other was this guy, Baxter, who tried to ask me to go have a fling with him whilst I was still with my ex.

Fling by his definition, meant SEX.

*Rolls eyes*

Of course I told my ex. He wasn't too pleased. But he wanted me to see how far Baxter would go.

When CL came back, we had an argument when I told her what happened.

I was totally shocked coz I couldn't believe the story he told her.

Baxter told her that he thought I was one of those *gwai-gwai* goody -goody girls who would not do anything.......well. THAT. He told her that he was just having some fun and wanted to see if I would take his bait, but knowing me, he knew I wouldn't go anywhere that far coz he totally believed I was extremely nerdy and would still not be dating anyone.

Yeah right.

Worst to come, she actually agreed with him for doing that and believed her instead of me.

I am sure that he knew that I would tell her, but the fact that she believed him instead of me was too much for me to take.

I can't believe her Disloyalty. And Betrayal at that.

I was so UPSET.

And I thought that she was like the world's most STUPIDEST girl.

She may have a Bachelors in Materials Engineering (Honours First Class) but when it comes to guys, she cant even earn up to Certificate level.

I think she was pissed that her ex-es would actually go as low as to try to make a pass at me.

She was, in my eyes, trying to protect her image with this Baxter.

Which come to think, they are just as stupid as she is.

Well, she can for all she wanted. It's not like I care about him. Baxter is a loser.

Speaking of which, he was one of those candidates in CLEO'S 50 Bachelor 2003.

Now we know what kind of guys they actually do nominate into The CLEO Bachelor, don't we?

I didn't meet up or talk to her that time when she came back. That was last year. 2003.

Do I still keep in touch with her?

Yeah. But I don't really think that high of her like I used to.

We're not in high school anymore.

Thank You Very Much.


Anonymous said...

That headline must have been from Friday's copy of The Malay Mail.

U Joe

cheayee said...

Yes. It is.

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