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Read the above post for what I think the FBI is DISGUSTING for. I mean a Patriotic Act?
What happened to freedom of speech ?
Now they actually watch and monitor what you research?
Lord, give me a break. Bush must have been seriously INSANE to even have put up a Patriotic Act and slammed it on all citizens of the States.

Thank God I'm not American yet. If I ever be.

I salute the lady for who she is and what she stands for.


You know, I really love Annie.

I'll seriously miss her when she leaves for Penang. She's like the most hyper person I've ever met.

Granted, I don't have the same energy levels as she does. But i love a woman who states her mind and actually DOES it.

I don't care if Peng Guan doesn't like it. Or if your narrow minded, quiet and dainty little fellow lady friends (if you think that they are your friends) don't like you for being a noisy tart. I like you, Annie.

I like you Annie. For who you are. I like you for your SAUCIness.
I like you for speaking your mind.
I like it that I will giggle a lot when you speak your mind.
I like it that we can both Go Crazy and sing LOUDLY like drunkards in the garden,
and people at KLCC will STARE at us.
I like it when the waiters at the Ramen store look at us and give us dagger looks and think we're both mad.
I like it when you suddenly talk to strangers and I get real embarrassed.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha.
I like it when you verbal spar with the waiters.
I like it when you verbal spar with Peng Guan and he gives me another "look" as well.
I like it that you will put your leg on the vacant chair and Peng Guan gave a sarcastic comment on how dirty the chair would be after that.


I especially liked it when I told Jeff, and the rest of the world that when I get MARRIED, I will keep my Last Name. Thank YOU very much.


Anonymous said...

"You can take the guy out of the kampung, but you can't always take the kampung out of the guy." - with reference to people from here who have studied in the States and still don't speak their minds.

About names... I rather keep calling you Chea Yee Dear. :) He he he...

U Joe

Anonymous said...

How about Yong Junaidah bt Abdullah? :)

U Joe

cheayee said...

Thanks. But I doubt I'll be converting any time soon. Now or by marriage.

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