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Face Ad Interview

Yup. I have an interview lined up for Thursday at 2.15pm near Jln Raja Chulan.

I have to dress smart casual. I'm feeling kinda freaky over it. Arrgghh.. Wish me best of freakin luck ya. And hopefully you guys will see my pretty face at some above-the-line AND print ads in months to come ;-)

Nominated Vivien, Sathia, KMT and PG for the Fitness First. I think the marketing ppl will call them soon.

Whoever wants to go to Fitness First or check it out for a trial visit, please ask me to nominate your name in. I'd gladly be of service!!!

Would I want to sign up as an Amway member? I really have no idea. Granted that I was pissed off with SY on Saturday, but the fact is that it IS a business opportunity nonetheless. There's no free money nor business anywhere. My mother said I should go to see or learn something new from there. Apparently.
SY NEEDS more experience in persuasive selling. SIGH.

Ya. I complained about it to Young. Did I mention that? Its easier for me to relate this in the context to people who are either currently doing their LP or have already completed it. Young did put it into a certain perspective.

Soul Winning is something like enrolment. But it is not something to enhance another person's life. Then again, it is written that It is easier for a camel to go through a needle's eye, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God. (Luke 18:25)

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