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Creativity and Individuality in Malaysia? What crap and bullshit.

Now, isn't the penguin just absolutely cute??

Awww... I got that from Xiaxue's website. It's hosted by a Korean server (whatever u call it).

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Today, was my first time I was ever early for Dr. Irene Leow's class...*normally, I'm late by half an hour, but I still sit in the front of the class* Lolz.

Hei man. Leaders always sit in front. What are you hiding from?

Anyway, I tried wearing my stilettos to class. Just to get acclimatized to it. Getting better. but still painful lar.

Today, our class discussed about Reggio Emmelia's methodology or approach to preschool education.
Which is basically, child centered, child guided, project based work.
Children make their own choices, do their own observation, their own analyses, (guided by the trained teacher, of course!) Classes are mixed ages, and integrates all areas of the curriculum in a very indirect way.
Learning is all hands-on approach, independently done by children on their own.
It is till the extent that, in Italy, the parents and entire towns are involved with the children's learning as well!

To encourage individuality and creativity in students.

The thing is, can they even implement such an approach in Malaysia?
The kiasu-ism of parents. Parents pressuring kids to study and excel academically.
Overloading with classes and tuitions of all sorts...*sigh*

Not to mention, in the context of the asian culture (or any other which is almost the same),
inviduality and creativity is not highly appreciated here.

Intellectual Property is of no significance. No wonder you can see bootleg versions of all cd and soundtracks all over the night markets. People still copy other people's ideas just to make a profit.

Everybody wants to be spoonfed answers. They're not interested in anything that does not add to their marks in exams. Things like adding experience.
Not to mention, anyone that stands out like a sore thumb is not welcomed.
Just talk about my school days.
Nobody liked to be *out* of the group. People who were different in any other way, whether academically, pretty, flirtatious in an outstanding way, the others liked to whisper in the corners and talk bad or gossiped.

I hope they have grown up by now. Sigh. The form 5 students of from my high school 1996...( u know who you are).

One whole group of immature *cow herd mentality* people.
Well, not all.. but most of them were LIKE that.
Could never accept anyone else who was different or not like them. Yup. I was different.


I didn't think like them. Didn't do things like them. I always did my own thing. I don't even know why I bothered about them. And yet, they couldn't leave me alone. Always had to pick on someone, didn't they?

Like Ai Leng.

(yup the one of Homecoming on WahLaiToi. Caroline and the group loved to talk bad about her whenever Ai Leng was not there and in front of her, was so *sweet* I could puke. I was there.
Listening. Observing ..they were gossiping about how flirtatious she was.
For having her dreams.
For wanting to achieve high.
how superficial that whole bunch was.)

or Siti S. (who is a perfectly fine girl to me).

or Richard. (who is a perfectly fine guy to me).

The girls all comparing how much each other paid for their *prom* dresses.
How much they paid for their hair done.

*Rolls eyes*.

Seriously, lots of people from my private high school in Ampang near the National Zoo ARE so SUPERFICIAL. I wonder why I even stayed there all these years.

words like *scholarship* is never heard of in a thousand years.


For one. Thank gawd I didn't think like them. I can still remember, when I was in Form 3, and we were going to have our PMR exams. I was trying to read my books, and some of my classmates told me not study so hard. Because they weren't studying, they expected me not to study as well!
I remember it was the Shui Peng and Sim Sin group. In fact, some of them tried to take my books away!

How much more egocentric could they be???

This is getting out of context and becoming a School Bitching Session . Ha ha ha.

BUT it IS the truth.

Such narrow minded people. And we're living in the 20th Century.

Society should be progressing way beyond such trifle stuff and attitudes to accepting people who are different.

If they can't accept people in their society who are different, I really wonder how can they even accept people who are physically challenged?
How can they even appreciate individuality, if teachers don't even encourage it?
Everyone afraid of losing their own face....sigh. sigh. sigh. What has our society degenerated down to be???

The only thing my parents ever worried about me in school was my math subject.
I always fell asleep in class *metaphorically speaking* not to mention, never understood theories... and basically, until now, i really see no use for the theories. I think they prayed every day so I could pass my math. Ha ha ha.

*Well, give me five, Annie! It doesn't matter if we're bad in math. But most importantly, we can accept who we are for ourselves and never give in to wat society think would be good for their egocentric desires and wants*



Anonymous said...

jeezy chreezy, it's been 10 years already. learn to let go.
If you aren't as superficial as you claim, why'd you even care what other people thought?
you seriously pak chee.

cheayee said...

why you stay anonymous?? at least i have my name published, but you didn't.

hmm when did I write this? 2 years ago. Seems like just the blink of an eye has passed, eh.

why you bother what i write? you didn't have to go through the kind of isolation i felt as a developing teenager. it's not being superficial, but it takes courage for a person to continue being different.

perhaps you'd never understand that because you never had to do that.

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