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Ok. My CONVOCATION is on Friday.

It will be at SUMMIT HOTEL . There will be 3 colleges under the Prime umbrella, which will be holding its convocation, which is Systematic, Prime and Summit International College.

My colours for my graduation robe will be Black and the lapels are Orange.

It will be really good to see my dearly beloved friends when I walk out of the hall.

The entire ceremony would end tentatively at 4.30 (according to the schedule) or later, or earlier. I dunno which.
So be there outside of the hall around that time. I'm sorry you guys/girls cant go in as they can only cater seats for the parents of the graduands.

It will be so totally crowded, I should think! Come and take pictures with me!

For my last convocation about two years back, I did not invite anyone to share the ceremony with me.

This time around, I have decided NOT to do that. I would really like to share my best and precious time with you all, my friends. It would mean so much to me.

However, I can't stay out with you guys after, as I still HAVE A CLASS at 7pm the same night.

So much for partying anyway.

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