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Summit College: Convocation ceremony

Surprise! Surprise!

My mother actually came!! ha ha ....I can tell Young that now. Lolz.
He kept pestering me to ask my mother to come, when I spoke to him the other time....*well . well.*

*coz she HAD refused to come, the last I asked* tsk. tsk. tsk. And there I was thinking she actually will not take time off to see her own daughter's convocation.


Took loads of pictures. I'll put some here..but most of it'll post it to my yahoo online album. So watch out for the link ya!!

Ok, my parents came. Then Karen, Kong, K.M.T, and finally Asta. She was late. But at least she made it!!

I think Karen was pretty pleased to meet another person who is doing LP as well. Lolz.

The ceremony started late at 2pm, and ended by 4pm

The MSC group were wearing red lapels. The Prime purple lapels. And SIC orange lapels.

I was so surprised to meet Koon Siang, my previous neighbour from Sri Petaling. And Adeline Yong is their classmate in SMBBSP school. Lolz. What a really small world tat I didn't make that connection until now!! Hmm..

I guess that means that they all know you, Laynie, yeah??

Imagine graduating with my neighbour! Of all people! Two of my neigbhours have come to Prime to study, coz the other one, I bumped into him when I was in the library. They have grown so much I could barely recognise them!

I took pictures with some of my current USQ classmates, who were from MSC, doing MassComm currently.

Met up with Azian, from my intake. Very few from my intake graduated or actually continued the course, coz a lot of them either deferred or dropped out halfway.. and they had already for the entire course!

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