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Boxing Day

I'm HOOKED on The Phantom Of the Opera.'s like Sound of Music. No less.....
For those who haven't seen, this is a MUST SEE if you are into musicals....

I don't think the soundtrack is out yet. I"m sure it'll cost a bomb, since Evita soundtrack is already RM90. I'm sure that Phantom soundtrack would cost more.

I'm going to bring my parents to watch it. Soon.

Anyway, I got the results for my CMS1000 assignment back.
87.5 out of 100 percent. Hmmm..but only 5percent weightage. STILL. Heh!
I hope I will do just as well for the rest....!!! ALRIGHT.

Anyway, I was not feeling well today. and yesterday. Dunno if it's Food Poisoning or what?
Just felt quite bad that I slept the entire day. Barely ate much today nor yesterday.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......... cant do much. just sit and sleep. and burn Cds.

In the midst of that I managet to get my car serviced- engine oil, brake pads changed, and etc etc: came up to Rm248.00. :-P

Also watched the movie, Osama with Asta. Hmmm...the movie is nothing to do with Osama, but it's about the womenfolk who lived under the Taliban and how it affected their lives...thank gawd I'm not there. I dunno how I'd have fared.

It's hardly a chick flick. I'm thankful for being able to live in's not as bad as in Afghanistan.....*sad*. so sad....
Osama is actuallly quite a generic name for the kids in Afghanistan, like Tom,Mary, James..etc.etc.etc.

The movie has nothing to do with Osama Bin Laden, if you were wondering upon that juncture...
I asked loads of people to watch it. but apparently, none of them seem interested in it. Well, that goes for the kind of quality movies that people in KL would want to watch. All the crap movies like KungFu Hustle, they don't mind paying to watch. But not for a movie like Osama?
Well, wat can I say? They just don't know how to appreciate a good movie when they see one.

But I think those from AsiaWorks should be a bit more different.....

I'm surprised that there's a tsunami in Penang. The first thing I did was call my friend, Chin Guan. He had called me on Thursday and ws with another friend, Yoon Hiung and were on their way to Penang. I thought he might have *died*. Ha ha ha.....
Apparently, he came back on Christmas Eve. Coz he got food poisoning. Ha ha ha...Oh well...same as me....lucky for him he came back then. He must have been pleasantly surprised to hear of other people's concern for him. ;-)

I think that a lot of us who don't eat foreign foods, will probably be not used to it, and when that happens, indigestion occurs, causing havoc to our digestion system. SIGH.
Anyway, it was a pleasant surprise to hear from Chin Guan after all these years. :-)

My dad says it's God's way of showing His Wrath upon Asians.....

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