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Blogging is BIG business these days.

Hmmm..In a way I'm grateful for it.

In days of yore, when I was in Form 5, Bulletin Board System or BBS for short, usd to be in its heyday. However since it was charged by per minute, it was just too costly to maintain anyway. :-)
Hence, the Internet is much more efficient.

I was BT's chauffeur tonight after my Fitness First session today. It's been ages since I've spoken to him. The bastard was so busy.Apparently Kong showed him the ParentThink article when they were out for CS coz it was in the car. Heh. More gossip as well...hmm.

Some of which I wasn't too pleased about. Why? I thought some things would change, but apparently not. In a way , it dented my ego a bit. Not that I cared much about it anyway. Did BT know? Obviously not. I am NOT that Stupid.
When I picked BT up from the State, I drove past this fella (whom I tot didn't look exactly like him) Turns out it was him with his SPIKY hair! Ha ha ha ha.
BT doesn't take the name of the Lord in VAIN anymore. Mwa ha ha ha. That's so GOOD.

I finally started to read on my Play unit today. Just have to keep pushing forward!!

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