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Just the mention of that name could bring up all kinds of images and expressions on people's faces.
Disgust? Familiarity? Curiosity?

There is the question of whether AsiaWorks is a brainwashing facility?

TECHNICALLY, to some extent.

The work they do, is related psychologically to how people respond and react.

Why brainwashing? Well, I don't mean BRAINWASH per se.

Why am I bringing this up? Well, my dad seems to have something against AsiaWorks, on how it IS NOT like his LGAT that he went through in the 60s.

*rolls eyes*.

Obviously there has been much research SINCE the 60s, so people will obviously not use the same exercises or techniques, WOULD they? Go with the times, Dad.

My AsiaWorks mates don't seem to be able to reply when questioned about AsiaWorks and its entire purpose.

Basically, it is an LGAT. Large Group Awareness Training that helps people to realise and know more of what they want.
It helps people confront and question issues about society.
It helps people go towards their goals.
It helps people realise how they go about doing things
and what are the ways they can go and not repeat the same mistake.

What about Christianity and AsiaWorks? Hmm. This is something that Larissa threw at me before I joined AW.
That it was secular and etc etc etc.

Is It?
I don't think so.

I view it as a vehicle that God can use to speak to me about the way I am.
A similar view that was expressed by Ben. Surprisingly. Since he isn't a practising Christian, per se.

Before going into the LGAT, one has to complete pre-homework tasks. The pre-homeworks helps the prospective attendant to review what exactly he or she wants from attending the training workshop.

I can tell you that WHAT I'm most grateful from attending AsiaWorks.
It is that for one thing, it has helped me CONFRONT certain issues that I have been avoiding for the last 8 years.
I thought it was a Past Problem, but from the moment I confronted it, I was crying for the couple of days after that.
The problem doesnt seem so much of a burden now, but matters of the heart does not ever go away overnight.
The only thing about it is that after confronting the issue, I told God that He had to help me learn to forgive.

As it is, What you resist, Persists.

This came into my mind, as when I was at Fitness First last night, and had watched this chinese series on Wah Lai Toi, about a lady who shown in a series of flashbacks, was Sexually Molested as a child, and was currently counselling another child who was just sexually molested, and was in a hapless state.
It shows her having sexual problems, to the extent of not even kissing her current fiance and it would create communication problems with the boyfriend.

From my point of view, the boyfriend was not in the wrong for wanting to get at least more intimate with the fiancee, but to get slapped for even trying to, is the girl's fault, as the girl had not confronted her own issues, and it was coming back to her. Not to mention the fact that the boy had no idea what happened to the girl nor knowledge of her prior experience.

Tsk, Tsk, Tsk.

I can say this, as I've had a friend who was in a similar situation, except that it was a boy instead of a girl. He had nightmares in his teens and has problems relating to certain others. Till the extent that he had to finally go and seek professional help. Ok, I'm getting off topic here. Really HATE Paedophiles! But he finally confronted that problem, and I'm glad for him!

As it is, It is a PERSONAL choice of each one whether they would like to confront issues.

Personally, I felt much better myself after that than I had ever felt in a very very long time. It was about due time I had done something about my issues.

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