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On Tuesday night, Joe came over to help me with my assignment until 2am.. Thanks Joe!
Ok, seriously, it's my first time doing such an essay. The title is "Self Concept has a Significant Impact on Interpersonal Communication." Does that sound difficult or easy?

Well, the fact that there is no longer any more guidelines, leaves me wondering how to approach the essay. Being my first, it's more mindblogging in just finding the right approach to tackle it. Not to mention that everything has to be done in a very formal academic way and the expectations are much more higher. It's just placing undue pressure on me to write well....ARRRGGGGHHHHHHH. Not to mention, this is a new subject that I've never tackled before. I love the subject matter. Seriously. But I just don't know how to dissect the information without throwing up.

Having said this, I find it much more easier to write for a general audience, and intext refencing is much more easier as I don't have to strictly follow the rules. Colloquial language is a no-no, and I'm out of my mind just trying to keep away from the slangs (or making sure it's not a slang before writing it). DRIVING me Nuts!

It's annoying coz the whole entire thing is only two paragraphs, and one body plan, and less than 350 words!!!!

Not to mention losing focus and out of topic is something I end up doing a LOT, I must say......... Lolz.

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