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The Apprentice.

I think it is a good show to watch. Pity I only came in like week 12.

In doing business, emotions can lead you off course. (like what Katrina did).
IT is not imiportant if one gets to tbe the star of the show, but the most important thing is the sale gets done.

Use your charm when necessary. I"m sure of that.

In limited time, concentrate and focus on the job at hand.

Ppl want to have a good time the first time they go anywhere. Guaranteed repeated visits in future!

Filling in promotion forms as opposed to havng a raffle card, is too time consuming. Digits is good enough.

Do not bring in any other attraction that will detract attention from the goal at hand.

I like Amy. She is strong.(she lasted all the weeks of the show! That's a real strong cool girl!)



Anonymous said...

kmt>i've 1st season and 2nd season downloaded. wanna watch?

cheayee said...

wow. How did u manage that??

Cool. Yeah. I'd like to watch it.

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